Stages are more UI related elements to show some sort of progress of the job. It also shows the time spent in the stage:

import tech.orkestra.Dsl._
import tech.orkestra.board._
import tech.orkestra.job._
import tech.orkestra.model._
// We import the stages DSL
import tech.orkestra.utils.Stages._

lazy val stagesJobBoard = JobBoard[() => Unit](JobId("stages"), "Stages")()
lazy val stagesJob = Job(stagesJobBoard) { implicit workDir => () =>
  stage("Stage 1") {
    println("Doing stage 1")

  stage("Stage 2") {
    println("Doing stage 2")

Here is a more meaningful example of the UI with the stages:
The stages in this screenshot are Checks, Publish and Deploy. The colour black, blue and green on them is generated.