Cron jobs

Orkestra supports Cron jobs via the orkestra-cron library/plugin.

libraryDependencies += "tech.orkestra" %%% "orkestra-cron" % orkestraVersion

Orkestra Cron jobs have a one to one mapping to Kubernetes CronJobs.

To add cron support, we mix in the trait CronTriggers, which requires us to implement cronTriggers: Set[CronTrigger].

Let’s write a job that is triggered every 5min:

import tech.orkestra._
import tech.orkestra.Dsl._
import tech.orkestra.board._
// We import the Cron package
import tech.orkestra.cron._
import tech.orkestra.job._
import tech.orkestra.model._

object Orkestra extends OrkestraServer with CronTriggers { // Note that we mix in GithubHooks
  lazy val board = Folder("Orkestra")(cronJobBoard)
  lazy val jobs = Set(cronJob) // We still need to add the Job to jobs

  // We add the CronTrigger to the cronTriggers
  lazy val cronTriggers = Set(CronTrigger("*/5 * * * *", cronJob)())

  lazy val cronJobBoard = JobBoard[() => Unit](JobId("cron"), "Cron")()
  lazy val cronJob = Job(cronJobBoard) { implicit workDir => () =>